How Much is Flood Insurance in Zone AE? Flood Insurance Essentials for Zone AE Residents

Homeowners in Zone AE must grasp the importance of understanding the cost of flood insurance.

To make informed decisions and safeguard yourself financially from potential losses, consider the factors influencing premiums, use available resources for estimation, and keep additional points in mind.

How much is flood insurance in zone AE?
Zone AEs typically experience shallow to moderate flooding depths and are often located along rivers, streams, and coastlines. [Photo: Elite Agent]

How Much is Flood Insurance in Zone AE?

Flood insurance is a crucial consideration for homeowners in flood-prone areas, especially those residing in zone AE

Premiums average $424 per year, which is considerably lower than the National Flood Insurance Program’s average premium of $1,025 per year.

Your specific cost is determined by the limits you select and your home’s flood history.

Understanding Zone AE?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) uses the designation Zone AE to identify areas with a high risk of flooding.

These areas face a 1% annual chance of flooding and a 26% chance of flooding over the life of a 30-year mortgage.

There are three types of Zone AE:

  1. Zone AE: This is the most common type of Zone AE. It has a 1% annual chance of flooding.
  2. Zone AE with a base flood elevation: This type of Zone AE has a base flood elevation, which is the height that floodwaters are expected to reach during a 100-year flood.
  3. Zone AE with a shallow flooding area: This type of Zone AE has shallow flooding, which is typically less than one foot deep.

Key things to know about Zone AE

  • Zone AE is the most common flood zone in the United States.
  • It is usually situated near rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  • Additionally, it can be found in low-lying areas that are not in close proximity to bodies of water.
  • If your property is in Zone AE, your mortgage lender requires you to purchase flood insurance.
  • Flood insurance is crucial for protecting against financial losses in case of flood-related property damage.

Factors Influencing Flood Insurance Cost in Zone AE

How much is flood insurance in Zone AE?
Your specific location within Zone AE plays a vital role in determining your premium. [Photo: Coldwell Banker Commercial]

Several factors significantly impact the cost of flood insurance in Zone AE:


Your specific location within Zone AE plays a crucial role in determining your premium.

Elevation above ground, proximity to water bodies, flood history, and local regulations all contribute to the risk assessment, affecting the overall cost.

Building Characteristics

The construction of your home significantly influences your flood insurance premium.

Homes on stilts, elevated above the base flood elevation (BFE), or with floodproofing features generally have lower premiums.

Building materials and the overall size of your property also play a role in determining the cost.

Coverage Amount

The amount of coverage you choose for your dwelling and contents directly impacts your premium.

While you can select different coverage limits, it’s important to note that higher coverage levels result in higher premiums.


Your deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage takes effect.

Opting for a higher deductible reduces your premium but increases your out-of-pocket expense in the event of a claim.

How much is flood insurance in Zone AE? Other factors influencing the cost

Previous flood claims: If your property has a history of flood damage, your premium might be higher due to the elevated risk associated with it.

Changes in flood maps: If your property’s flood zone designation undergoes changes, it can have an impact on your premium.

Additional coverage options: Certain insurers provide extra coverages like sewer backup or sump pump failure, and opting for these can increase your premium.

Average Cost of Flood Insurance in Zone AE

  1. The average cost of flood insurance in Zone AE varies based on the mentioned factors. Here’s a breakdown of the estimated costs:
  2. National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP):
    • Average premium: $1,025 per year
    • Range: $400 to $10,000 per year
  3. Private flood insurance companies:
    • Average premium: $424 per year
    • Range: $200 to $2,000 per year

Resources for Estimating Your Flood Insurance Cost

Here are some useful resources for estimating your flood insurance cost in Zone AE:

    • FEMA provides a comprehensive flood insurance rate calculator on this website. Enter your address and property details to get an estimated premium.
  2. Flood Insurance Guru:
    • An independent website that offers various resources on flood insurance, including a guide for zone AE and a premium estimator.
  3. QuoteWizard:
    • An online insurance marketplace that enables you to compare flood insurance quotes from multiple providers.
  4. Private flood insurance companies:
    • Many private flood insurance companies have online quote tools on their websites.

Additional Points to Consider

  1. Mandatory Flood Insurance:
    • If you have a federally backed mortgage, flood insurance is compulsory in Zone AE.
  2. Coverage Options:
    • Flood insurance generally covers building damage and personal belongings up to a specific limit. Evaluate your needs and select coverage amounts that best fit your requirements.
  3. Shopping Around:
    • Compare rates from different flood insurance providers to secure the best deal.
  4. Floodproofing:
    • Investing in floodproofing measures can diminish your flood risk and potentially lower your premium.
  5. Reviewing Your Policy:
    • Regularly review your flood insurance policy to ensure it aligns with your evolving needs, and update your coverage as necessary.


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